The new factory’s blueprint has been implemented in the course of 3 years. Today this very factory sprawls over nearly 5000 m² well-fitted with new machinery; in addition to all the indispensible technological headway to meet the highest quality standards, both nationwide and abroad.

At this new factory all stages are rigorously controlled. We have complete control over the temperature within the manufacture rooms, from the initial handling of raw materials to packaging, as the whole factory is made with thermo-insulating panels. Moreover, we employ some manual processes to guarantee the suavity and delicacy we require in our end products.

Seeing that technology is always in unison with the manual processes ensures efficient production and our very much cherished artisanal flair.



Trust and quality bespeak good business.



Costafaria seeks tirelessly to develop products which offer taste, quality and health. The new brand brings forth new products that make use of really special grains, so to provide healthy textures. The red organic quinoa, the chia and sunflowers seeds are now part of Costafaria’s day-by-day and feature in our 100% gluten-free, without food colouring or flavouring products. These are made through a semi-artesanal process with all the softness and love the admirers of pão de queijo rightfully deserve.